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The Dale Perkins Horse Show consists of up to an hour of equine entertainment, all accompanied by music.   As an equine professional, Dale wants his show to be highly entertaining as well as informative; using good sound horsemanship techniques that put the well-being of the horse first.  He interjects comedy with thrilling dare-devil action reflecting a noticeable level of dignity and respect for his four-footed partners.  Willing, responsive animals who enjoy the work and the relationship with their human handlers are the qualities Dale wants the general public, as well as the experienced horse personnel in the audience, to notice.   

Acts in the Dale Perkins Horse Show may include:

Chariot team: Four horses demonstrating their “work horse” background with some controlled power and speed.

Vaulting: Gymnastics on horseback: Some of Dale’s crew demonstrate their developing equine and athletic abilities.

Circus Liberty Routine Sort of what you might see under the big top.

Drill team: Horses and their riders performing synchronized moves set to music.

Trick riding: Dale and crew take turns demonstrating tricks while galloping around the ring. “Half fender”, "double vaults", and more.

Trick roping: Dale demonstrates some common moves from the “crow hop” to the “Texas skip”.

Roman riding: Sometimes includes the Hungarian style “Puszta Five” and Roman-riding a team through a ring of fire. 

Training philosophy: Dale believes patience, timing and deliberately looking at things from the horses' perspective are keys to successful horsemanship. A well-trained horse is one that is responsive, comfortable in its environment, and enjoys its work. A noble display of intelligence, natural beauty, and contentment is the goal Dale wants his horses to display to the audience and this sense of respect must permeate the training and performances as well as all aspects of the animals' life. Dale believes a horse can be safe and gentle and still be proud to be a horse.

Dale wants each training session to be a positive experience for the horse. Trust and confidence are established through gentle, consistent handling. Elaborate moves are accomplished by breaking them down into small training steps that are increased at a level that the horse is physically and mentally prepared. As a trainer, Dale ’s enjoyment is when a horse has that “ah ha” moment and eagerly anticipates and responds to the desired cue.

To facilitate their physical and mental well-being, Dale allows his horses ample time to just be horses. Access to pasture and daily routines in which the animals feel comfortable and secure are integrated with training sessions, trail rides, and other activities. Most of the horses are trained to work in harness doing routine farm work such as plowing or cultivating the garden, skidding logs, or pulling a wagon. Dale feels this is helpful to trick training as it teaches patience and dependability and improves the relationship with the handlers because of the shared time together. Trick training stimulates the curiosity of the horse and provides the animal amusement, variety, and an occasional treat reward. in addition to being part of the horse show teaml, all the horses are also used in the lesson programs at Mesa Farm.

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Contact Information

To book a show or for more information, contact Dale.  Show rates depend on venue and travel.  

Dale Perkins

67 Muschopauge Rd

Rutland, MA 01543





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